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October 2021 Homemade Lotions and Soaps

This year I've decided to sell soaps and lotions. I've been making soaps and lotions for 10 years for family and friends. Many times I've been told that they work better than anything else they've tried, and those who have received them have offered to buy them. With a large family, selling lotions or soaps isn't something I have had time for until now.  Making lotions from herbs is one of my favorite things to do. We used homegrown elderberry flowers and lavender flowers to make these lotions. The happy moments in the garden with my children, feeling the sunshine, watering the plants, and gently picking the flowers- the peaceful energy of all of those moments is part of these lotions. Humming bees, families of shy quail, and colorful bluebirds are part of moments in the garden too, it is wonderful to see God's creations. The deer get a few nibbles in as they gracefully meander on their daily route around the garden fence. The lavender and elderberry flower