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Comfrey- Herbs for Beginners

Comfrey Comfrey is an amazing plant that offers great medicine and it helps other plants to grow. Comfrey is soothing and cooling, and it helps with hot, dry, painful conditions. It has been used for centuries in wound care, as food for people and animals, as medicine, and as a garden fertilizer. If you look at comfrey leaves, they have little hairs on them that are scratchy, uncomfortable, and irritating. God put clues in plants to remind us of what they’re good for. This is called the Law of Signatures. Comfrey’s hairy, scratchy leaves remind us that it helps heal things that feel scratchy, uncomfortable, and irritated. Comfrey’s wide, luscious, dark green leaves with leaf lines that look like cells remind us that it wants to help everything grow!  Here are other examples of plants with built-in reminders of what they can help with.   Carrots are high in Vitamin A which is good for the eyes. Walnuts have healthy oils which are needed for our brain and nerves to work well. Avocado c