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Help for Winter Dryness

One of my daughters wrote me a note with some of the first few words she learned to write. In her 5-year-old handwriting, with crayon, she wrote, "I am loved. I love you." It touched my heart and helped me to know that she felt loved. A little later she wrote me another note, "You are loved" and taped it to my wall. Her note reminds me that being loved and loving others gives deep meaning to our lives. The love we receive from our Creator and our loved ones, and the love we give is what makes life meaningful.  I added the phrase "You are loved," to a lip balm label that I made. I hope you cherish the gift that it is to be alive and to be you. You are worthy of being loved and treasured. Serving others and giving them love is significant and rewarding, but giving ourselves the care and love we need, and not waiting for someone else to do that for us is also empowering and rewarding.  My mid-winter skincare products are made with cheerful summer flowers. Let