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Roses- Herbs for Beginners

Roses captivate us with their sweet smell when they're in bloom. Their fragrance is calming, grounding, and helps us remember the beautiful things in life.  Identification Wild roses have 5 petals in a cup like shape. The petals themselves are the shape of hearts- a clue that they are good for the heart- both physical and emotional. The leaves are oval shaped and serrated (zig zag edge around the leaf). Their leaves are compound (form in groups of leaves), and have 3 to 9 leaflets. Their thorns tell us that they are protective, they are protecting something special. In plants, thorns protect very special gifts. Roses need bees for pollination, and for the fruit and seeds to form.  People have bred roses for their beauty, fragrance, and fruit for thousands of years, all over the world. Cultivated roses often have more than 5 petals. Sometimes roses are bred to not have thorns or rose hips. People who grow roses are called "rosarians." The most fragrant roses are the most m