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Holiday Offerings

Thank you to those who made my first time selling lotions and soaps successful! I really appreciate your support and hope you are enjoying your lotions and soaps! If there is anything you would like to see, or if you have any feedback, please let me know.   I hope this holiday season finds you well.  I hope you make some time to nourish you, and that you find deep gratitude for simple blessings. I have a couple new offerings. Our new Christmas Spice Lotion is a favorite at our home, it smells like spices, pine trees, cinnamon, and citrus. It comes in a 4 oz bottle and is $7.  The 8 oz bottles of lotion pictured below are $12. Fragrance Free Lotion is a new one. All of the other lotions are very mildly scented, we are minimalists when it comes to fragrances. I wrote about the lovingly chosen ingredients for our lotions in my last blog post , click or scroll down to see the previous post. One addition to all the recipes is aloe vera juice, it adds another layer of soothing to the lotion.