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Pine Tree Gifts- Herbs for Beginners

Pine trees are amazing! They provide food, warmth, shelter, and medicine. Birds, squirrels, and deer find shelter from storms under the branches of pine trees. They shelter us too- most of our homes are built with 2x4’s and plywood made from pine trees. Pine wood is used for wood fire places- providing heat. Pine trees provide food in the form of pine cones for many birds and small animals. Pine needles are high in Vitamin C, providing essential nutrients for deer and other animals in the winter when most other sources of Vitamin C are gone. Pine seeds, pine resin and pine pollen are also wonderful gifts of pine trees.  Identification Pine tree needles are connected to the tree branch in groups of 2,3, or 5. Fir trees are in the same family, they have short, flat needles, and they usually have a more blueish tint to their needles. Look for pine cones around the base of the tree or the branches to help identify it. Pine trees are part of the conifer family- meaning they produce cones. T