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Massage for healing

Massage can be a powerful healing tool. It doesn't require going to a trained professional, although they are wonderful! You can do simple massages at home for yourself or your loved one.  A little story about massage. My parents had newborn lambs a few years ago, and we went with my children to see them. There was one baby lamb that was not doing well with breathing, my parents thought it wouldn't live very long. They had brought this lamb into the house, in a small tub with straw bedding. At the time, I was recovering from a miscarriage and I was moved by the struggling lamb. I wanted so much for it to live, as I had wanted the baby inside of me to live. I used massage I had learned in a short class, on the lamb, massaging its spine. Instead of massaging the feet and hands like you would for a person, I massaged the soft pads under the lamb's hooves. I asked my husband to come and bring peppermint oil, which he did, and we put it on the lamb as we massaged its back and 4