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One Cup of Tea and One Plant at a Time

 I have taught a few classes this fall on making herbal oils, salves, and lotions, and I plan to teach some more in the spring. The most rewarding thing about the classes has been the friendships formed. The most common question I've been asked is, "Where do I start with learning about herbs?" I remember feeling overwhelmed too with that question. There's still so much I don't know about plants! The more you learn, the more you realize how vast the world of plants is and how little you know.  My advice is to start with getting to know one plant or tree that grows near you. Maybe it's mint, a pine tree, a rose bush, a raspberry patch, a quaking aspen, or a willow tree. Plants grow where they are needed. Somewhere near you a plant is growing that will help you or a family member feel better. Start with one plant. Learn its common and scientific names and how it might be used, and any precautions associated with it. Smell it, taste it, bring it into the house, an