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Hurray for Spring!

Spring flowers are some of my favorites. They come up amidst storms and snow, and the petal's colorful hues are treasured and so welcome after winter. Spring flowers are like old friends that remind us that it is possible to bloom beautifully in adversity.  Using oils infused with these flowers in your skin care is a great way to bring nature's gifts and flowers into our daily lives. When I use the our lotions and lip balms made with the plant infused oils, I think of the flowers they were made with and am thankful for the gifts our Creator put in nature for us. I hope you will also feel a connection to these plants and nature in what I share with you, and in the lotions and lip balms.  One of my favorite spring wildflowers is arrowleaf balsamroot. The bright yellow petals are similar to a sunflower. The leaves are shaped like giant arrows, pointing to the sky and its Creator. They are covered with soft velvety hair. The resinous tap roots reach deep into the ground to store th