Hurray for Spring!

Spring flowers are some of my favorites. They come up amidst storms and snow, and the petal's colorful hues are treasured and so welcome after winter. Spring flowers are like old friends that remind us that it is possible to bloom beautifully in adversity. 

Using oils infused with these flowers in your skin care is a great way to bring nature's gifts and flowers into our daily lives. When I use the our lotions and lip balms made with the plant infused oils, I think of the flowers they were made with and am thankful for the gifts our Creator put in nature for us. I hope you will also feel a connection to these plants and nature in what I share with you, and in the lotions and lip balms. 

One of my favorite spring wildflowers is arrowleaf balsamroot. The bright yellow petals are similar to a sunflower. The leaves are shaped like giant arrows, pointing to the sky and its Creator. They are covered with soft velvety hair. The resinous tap roots reach deep into the ground to store the plant's gifts and medicine. Arrowleaf balsamroot's gifts could be described as waking things up, and getting them moving. We wildcrafted some of this flower root and infused it into olive oil, and it is an ingredient in our lotions. 

Calendula is another amazing flower that we have put in our lotion. This blooms in summer and is easy to grow. The more you pick the blossoms, the more they grow. I love how cheerful and resilient calendula is. Calendula is famous for aiding in healing skin, reducing scars, and helping with sun damage. 

One other herb I have added is aspen buds, from a quaking aspen tree. The buds are made to protect the tree and fight off any insects or pests. Aspen tips and buds fight inflammation and are antibacterial. I have begun adding aspen infused oil to my products because it prolongs shelf life and has healing properties.

We made a few new lotions for spring, thinking of Mother's Day and flowers. The herbs listed above are in all of our spring lotions. They are mildly scented with fragrance and essential oils. We make our lotions in small batches to ensure freshness, so quantities are limited. If I don't have on hand what you'd like, I can make it, it only takes 7-10 days for the lotions. Handmade soap takes a little longer. 

Spring Lotions are available in 4 oz for $7, and 8 oz for $12: 

Sakura Blossom Lotion, Lilac Lavender Lotion, French Rose Lotion, and Aloha Lotion.

If you are looking for a Mother's Day gift, we can wrap your lotions in a clear cellophane bag, add ten (10!) assorted Lindor chocolates, and tie them with a beautiful ribbon for an extra $3. 

Regular Lotions:

Vanilla Lotion, Cool Citrus Lotion, Mountain Mist Lotion, Coconut Lotion, Lavender Lotion, and Fragrance-Free Lotion. Available in 4 oz for $7 and 8 oz for $12. 

Lip Balm
Our "You are Loved" lip balm is also available, made with calendula oil, sunflower oil, aspen bud infused oil, hemp seed oil- all wonderful healing ingredients. I hope you feel loved when you put this on! These are $3 for a 0.15 oz tube.

Nerve Calm Lotion
Challenges often lead us to try new things. That was the case with this lotion. Nerve damage in one of my children, and restless legs are not well addressed in traditional medicine. I used 2 different herbal formulas to make a lotion- Dr. Christopher's Relax-eze and Dr. Kyle Christensen's Nerve Repair. These herb blends were infused in organic extra virgin olive oil and made into this lotion. Relax-eze has black cohosh root, skullcap herb, valerian, cayenne pepper, lobelia, hops flowers, wood betony, and mistletoe. Nerve Repair has skullcap, oat seed, celery, St. John's wort, lavender, and coffee beans.  When I have given this to friends with chronic conditions that affect their nerves, they have told me how soothing and calming this lotion is. I've also had several people tell me this lotion really helps with restless legs, and helps them to sleep at night. It smells lightly of celery seeds and herbs, no fragrance was added.  A 4 oz bottle of lotion is $10. 

Cayenne n' Coffee Lotion
Varicose veins is something I have struggled with during and after pregnancies, and when I am on my feet for long hours. I made a lotion that supports circulation in the legs, and it has worked amazingly well in reducing the pain and swelling. Herbs are smart, they work where they are needed, sometimes in unexpected ways. Cayenne is a great herb for increasing circulation but also helps stop bleeding. Coffee helps to tighten and tone the veins and skin. Horse chestnut is well known for helping with varicose veins. White oak bark is something new I added this year to this lotion. The tissue toning benefits of white oak bark support healthy vein structure. This lotion works best when it is put on in the morning, but it works well any time of day. Keep away from eyes and face because of the cayenne. This smells like coffee. A 4 oz bottle of this lotion for $10.

We have handmade soaps make with natural ingredients also available for $6 per bar.  
We have added arrowleaf root powder to all of our soaps, it gives a silky softness to the soap and your skin. French Rose Soap additionally has kaolin clay which gives it color and is a very gentle detoxifier. Update 5/6/2022 Soap is sold out. More coming soon! 

You will love using natural homemade skin care products. You will feel the difference in the natural ingredients, the fresh, small batches, the use of healing flowers and herbs, and the loving energy that they are made with. 

To place an order, you can email me at Or you can text me at 801-228-8133.  Shipping is available, and is quite cheap. Thank you for your support!


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