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Winter Gifts

Finding the gifts in every season Watching nature, we see that winter is a time to rest, and reflect. The deer lay low on the ground, conserving their energy.  Many animals either hibernate or slow down. Even with heavy snow, dried sunflower stalks are strong, and hold their heads above the snow to feed little birds.  Trees and plants are kept alive by the life in their roots. Somehow trees know to let go of leaves but hang on to fruit. The fruit and berries on trees feed birds through winter. It is amazing that trees can tell the difference between what to keep and what to let go. It is harder for us to know what to let go of and what to hang on to! Even with snow on the ground, birds sing and chirp, happy that the sun comes up every morning. I hope you also take time to rest, reflect, and feel sustained by God, who gives us all life. Winter is a perfect time to enjoy the flowers that bloomed in the spring and summer. Our skin care products are made with nourishing and healing flowers